Did you know?

Our store is pretty cool. Eclectic? Multi-appealing? Versatile? Broad? Ever expanding it seems.

The original tie to the building as we know, passed away little over a month ago.

He was my grandfather, along with my other two siblings. Both of which have married lives taking care of their own children. He was my mother and uncle’s father. He was uncle to multiple nieces and nephews. I believe he was a silent mentor to many young men while he was in the position of head maintenance at Covenant College.

Other than being that man who fixed machines or who admitted when he didn’t have an answer at Covenant; he worked for a very short period of time at a business on Cummings Hwy, ‘Ol Tasco. It was similar I believe to a Sears Roebuck, providing general goods, hardware, toys and whatnot to the small community in the Valley. The conveyor belt for hauling merchandise is still within the store. We occasionally grease it for the use of our own hauling of comic boxes or furniture.

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